Victoria Bax - Rewarding liveries

March has been a month of putting into practise what I learnt in February during the coaching training days I attended. I have attended a Riding Club camp at Milton Keynes Equestrian Centre for a weekend of marathon coaching with 12 back to back dressage session on the first day, followed by 6 group sessions of either show jumping or cross country on second day and then 3 further group showjumping session on the third day.  I had a super time and ended the weekend with lots of super happy horses and rider; what a great way to start the season for he riders who attended.

I had a couple of schooling liveries in recently, who were both extremely challenging.  Both were foreign bred horses, one being an Andalusian which was a first for me.

Both horses were very very tight through their backs and hugely lacked muscle so I spent a long time working them both from the ground on the long lines in order to give them every opportunity to build some muscle and relax, and then to encourage them to really step through without the restrictions of both saddle and rider on board.

After a long three week stay, the owners returned and were totally overwhelmed with the enormous improvements with both their horses.  They went away absolutely buzzing with two new horses; let’s just hope they can keep up with their homework!

With mud still being an issue this month, I have totally made use of the antibacterial properties of my Nedz bedding in order to help keep mud fever at bay.  I figured what better way to dry those muddy legs after a few hours in the field than to stand in a super comfy thick bed of Nedz; so far so good!

I’ve also managed to get one of my team back out of the cross country course a couple of times even though our first event was cancelled due to the soggy weather.  However we are very confident that we will get a run next weekend, so please keep your fingers crossed for us.  Hopefully next month I will have some results to share with you all.

Until next time...