Victoria Bax - Alberta's Pride Is Back!

I really am one very very lucky lady to own such an AMAZING young horse in 6 year old Alberta's Pride aka Frankie, who just 9 months post hind suspensory ligament injury returned to his love of eventing this month to not only complete, but he absolutely SMASHED it from start to finish.

We posted a 21 (79%) dressage to lead, then produced a very easy peasy double clear and even managed to finished 1 second inside the optimum time.  My plan was just to have a quiet hack around but I had forgotten what an enormous stride he has and how he likes to take out strides EVERYWHERE!

This resulted in a very very convincing WIN in his first and last BE 90 event of 2017, having not evented since August 2016!

I am absolutely gobsmacked, I mean I expected him to be double clear but with plenty of time penalties but he just felt awesome and I just let him run at his own pace.  He felt absolutely amazeballs through out the day.  His dressage was super soft and relaxed and his jumping was outstanding, the best he has ever jumped pre injury.

His Arc Equine rehab has been long and trying but today has absolutely made it 10000000% worth it! He is one SERIOUS horse for the future.

Earlier this year I was selected from a huge number of applicants to attend the British Eventing Coaching Course for this year in order to gain my UKCC level 2 coaching qualification. Throughout the season alongside my competing, I have attended 4 training days run by British Eventing in order to learn new coaching skills and develop my own coaching style.  

I have also completed a huge portfolio which supports the practical assessment which I undertook this month which was a pretty successful day for me, proving the required skills and knowledge necessary. As a result of completing this course and assessment, I am super proud to advise I have now earned myself the qualification of a UKCC Level 2, British Eventing Accredited Coach.

So at the end of a month of highs, I was brought back down to earth with a bump with a rather terrifying hack where I was a hairs breathe away from being completely wiped out by a white Range Rover towing a huge boat.  

I was heading home round a particularly blind corner with a car patiently waiting behind me when around the corner towards me in the middle of the road came a white Range Rover at a very decent speed towing a huge boat.  I knew immediately this wasn't going to end well as he had no time to slow down. I held my neck strap and hoped for the best.  

I heard the sound of wheels locking up and being dragged along the road so he was trying to slow down but had no chance as he was just metres from me.  My usually safe and sound 6 yr old horse completely terrified stopped spun round as they do to try to get away from it, slipping and sliding all over the road, quite how we didn't go over I have no idea.  

Somehow we came out the other side but every car and van that passed me next so slowly even down my lane my poor terrified horse panicked and didn't know what to do with himself. Had I been a lorry/tractors etc that road would now be closed as they would have smashed into each other.  

The driver had given no thought to what may have been round the other side of the bend. I'm fuming although very lucky to still be on one piece with my boy.

It really does make you wonder if hacking out on these roads is worth it any more.  This incident happened on the exact same corner that a poor horse was killed in November last year.  We are a local group which I'm involved in who are very active in trying to implement improvements to that section of road to help prevent anything like that occurring again, so this will give them a little bit more weight to use in the cause.

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