About Nedz

Pegasus Products has been producing chopped straw bedding for horses in various forms for more than 14 years; however it wasn’t until April 2003 that we perfected our products for the equestrian market.

The Nedz brand began its journey in to the equestrian world with the launch of Nedz Original and Nedz Pro. Both products go through the same high quality manufacturing process at our plants in Lancashire and Oxfordshire, but due to the different raw materials used, they produce very different end products.

The raw material undergoes a process of chopping and shredding, followed by rigorous dust extraction through our tailor made dust extraction system, which results in absolutely minimal levels of dust in the end product. Following this, the bedding is thoroughly coated in our unique Natural Nedz formula, which is 100% natural and contains Manuka Oil which has many benefits including its anti-viral and antibacterial properties. The treatment also has a new fresh smell that creates a pleasant atmosphere in the stable, contains a natural fly repellent with insecticidal properties and is bitter tasting to discourage bed eating, but is non-toxic.

We can boast many satisfied customers, who appreciate the excellent value of our products, their high quality and the enormous benefits both in terms of saving on labour and reducing the size of the muck heap with minimal waste and a quick rot-down period.

Amongst many others, our bedding is favoured by the owners of Grand National winner, Hedgehunter, along with international show jumpers, Geoff Billington and Andrew Mizon.

Our experience in the straw processing market has taught us that the only way to produce a top quality bedding product is to procure top quality raw materials and we make this our priority. Therefore, stringent controls are in place to ensure that we only buy the best quality straw from selected suppliers which is guaranteed to be below the required moisture content level. Owners can thus be confident when using Nedz products of providing their horses with a safe, quality bedding, manufactured to the highest standards, that will not compromise their horse’s breathing and performance and also offers an affordable solution to many of the bedding problems encountered today.

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