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Mary King's season comes to an end

We catch up with Nedz sponsored rider Mary King to find out how her season has come to an end...

“It was strange going to Burghley without having a horse as I rarely go to an event that I am not riding at, however it was all for a good cause as I was launching my new book! It was a busy but great 4 days meeting lots of people and doing signings. If you haven’t already got a copy you can order yours here.”

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Steph has a hiccup at the Nationals

We chat to Nedz sponsored rider, Steph Croxford to find out how the Nationals went with Mr Hyde...

"Well what a fiasco the Inter 2 was at the Nationals this year! I was reliably informed by the BD office sometime ago that the test that was going to be used for the Championships was the new BD 2014 Int 2. Mr Hyde and I arrive all practiced in plenty of time. We look in the BD program to indeed find that it is the BD 2014 Int 2. As we had sometime to waste, we go for a wonder aground the shops, where we bump into fellow competitor Roger Gregory who proceeds to tease us stating that it is not the BD Int 2 but the FEI Int 2. We both finally agree that according to the program, it is indeed the BD 2014 Int 2."

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Lucy Straker introduces us to a new team member

It has been great to chat to Nedz supported rider Lucy Straker to find out how things have been going over the last few months...

"Things at Lucy Straker Dressage have been so busy the last few months my feet haven't touched the ground! We are thrilled to introduce this handsome boy Eigenart aka 'Elmo' who is a 7 year old working advanced medium!" 

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Victoria and Crysto get their Advanced qualification

Great to chat to Nedz sponsored rider Victoria Bax after a couple of great days out eventing with her Exracehorses and having qualified Crysto for Advanced… 

“Our first adventure this last month lay up the M1 at Aston Le Walls, competing in another Intermediate section with Crysto following his pleasing run at Barbury International.”

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Mary is back in action

We catch up with Mary King after her enforced break in competition. She is very happy to be back out competing... 

“Never before have I been so excited to compete at West Wilts, but after my break it felt so good to be back competing. King Dan had his first win in the BE100, Mr Hi Ho, who I am riding for Patsy Mason for a while, came 2nd in the Open Novice and Kings Choice came 9th in the Open Novice.”

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Some good results for Geoff Billington

We have managed to pin down Nedz sponsored rider Geoff Billington to find out how his string of show jumpers have been getting on over the past few months...

"Things have been really good with the horses," says Geoff. "In mid July we were at Dinard for two weekends and Upper Cut came third in the Grand Prix and a new young horse, Con Man JX, jumped for the full two weeks without having a single fence down - he is definitely one to watch!"

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Victoria Bax completes Barbury with a smile!

Victoria Bax has been up and down this month but a fabulous run at Barbury has given her a great boost of confidence. Read more in her latest blog here... 

"I have so much to report this month and you guessed it another extremely busy one! Starting with the announcement of two new additions to my team!  We headed down to Ascot sales and came home with Tilly and Milli. Tilly is a grey 4year old unbacked tb and Milli is a bay 5year old Thoroughbred who has been backed but then turned away for a year.  Both are complete blank canvasses and I am very excited to get them started in their new Eventing career, so will update you in due course about their progress."

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