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A new addition to the Croxford family, Mr P misbehaving and success for Clyde

At the Croxford residence this month you will hear the pitter patter of tiny hooves! On St George's day, Ancy had her foal and he has been named.... George! "He is a big foal and doesn't know what to do with his legs yet," Steph tells us. "He has four white socks and a lovely big blaze - however I am not sure what colour he is going to be, he is currently a kind of beige/dun colour! He has decided that grazing normally is too much effort because his legs are so long so lying down is the easiest option. It was a very easy foaling - I went out to check her at 10.30 and thought she looked a bit sweaty and by 11.15 it was all done and dusted! 11.45 he was standing up and about an hour later he was feeding!"

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Geoff is back on British soil

After ten weeks abroad, Geoff Billington and his horses are back in the UK gearing up for the summer season! He had success in Portugal and came in the top three placings in three out of the four Grand Prix classes with Uppercut and Rosinus.
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Congratulations to Mary!

We are virtually bursting with pride here in the Nedz offices after hearing the news that Mary has won AND come 2nd in the prestigious Rolex Kentucky Four Star three day event. Well done Mary and of course the horses - Kings Temptress and Fernhill Urco - we hope they all have a safe journey home!

A quick update from Geoff...

Geoff is busy jetting off round Europe at the moment but we managed to catch up with him on a whistlestop trip back to the UK in between shows! "I had a successful trip to Spain, where Rosinus went clear in the big Grand Prix and finished 9th, Upper Cut went well in the Small Grand Prix and came 2nd and 4th, while Balloon was placed in two of the big classes. Quite Cadiz was placed more or less every time he jumped! We are now in Villamora in Portugal and have jumped one week, with another three to go, Upper Cut was second in the Grand Prix last week. I am very pleased with the way they are all going and am hoping that the summer will bring us some places on British Teams."

A busy April for Mary King...

We’ve caught up with Mary King who is deep in the preparations for two of the major Four Star events of the year! "I have just got back from Belton Horse Trials where we took four horses, Kings Temptress, Fernhilll Urco, Imperial Cavalier and Apache Sauce, as their final runs before Badminton and Kentucky at the end of the month. They had no rain at Belton in the run up to the event and the ground was pretty firm so I thought, ‘now Mary don’t get excited’, and wasn’t very competitive. They all went really well and have all come back sound and today their legs look good today so I am pleased.”

“The main focus has been on the four horses going to their major three day events this month but we have also been out and about with the youngsters and I have a new Cavalier horse, Cavalier Venture, who won the Pre Novice at Aldon and is doing his first Novice at Portman tomorrow. King Albert is also going well and ran in the Open Intermediate at Somerley and came third, so we are aiming for Saumur CCI *** in May.”

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A series of successful demos from Steph, but a little bit of bad news about Mr P...

Steph has just finished the last of her three demos across the North of England. "I got more confident as the demos went on," Steph tells us. "It is hard to judge the balance of how humorous and serious you have to be but I think by the last one we just about got it right! It was absolutely exhausting I have to say, when we went to Northallerton we had to travel 3 hours to get there, I then taught for 8 hours in clinics, then had a 3 hour demo before a 3 hour journey home! After Moreton Morrell we got to bed at 2am, Ben woke up at 3am and Annabel thought 7am was a reasonable time to get up the next day! At Barleyfields we had to take the children with us, and arrived to find they had no stables for us so Simon had to get both horses ready on the lorry, whilst juggling two children – Mr P stood on him twice and his patience was pushed to the absolute limit that day!”

“Mr Hyde was very well behaved considering,” says Steph. “The first evening I rode him in the arena while people were arriving so he could acclimatise to the crowds. There were blankets flapping and sandwiches coming out of boxes but despite that we only had the one rearing moment. I have the opinion that if you don't like it, don't look at it so reverted to some strong ‘shoulder-ins’ down the long side! He was quite tense in the first demo understandably and our flying changes were more handstand bucks than smooth transitions, but by the last one he was a pro and knew exactly what he was doing.”
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Steph is off to the regionals, Mr P's first outing is coming up and don't forget those lecture demos!

Steph has a busy month coming up with competitions and the start of her exciting lecture demos. We managed to catch her in between cleaning and putting the kids to bed to find out what she has been up to, and her plans for March. "We have the Regional Championships at Willerby in Hull on Wednesday (2nd March) where Mr Hyde will be showing off," Steph says. "Having said that we went out yesterday and he was a monster! My marks ranged from 3 (for our walk to canter) up to a double score of 9's for our extended walk! I saw those high marks as my 'get out of jail free card' and despite hardly being able to bring myself to look at the scoreboard, he came away with a 65% and 67% so without the 'hiccups' we would have scored over 70%! We are also waiting to hear if he has been successful in gaining a place on the BEF Equine Pathway for Future Dressage Horses, which would be brilliant as it gives you access to team vets, experts, training and general support."

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