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Team King - Dreaming of Badminton

With the continuing bad weather we’ve been lucky to get a few runs in during April ...few being the operative word!
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Victoria Bax - Rewarding liveries

March has been a month of putting into practise what I learnt in February during the coaching training days I attended. I have attended a Riding Club camp at Milton Keynes Equestrian Centre for a weekend of marathon coaching with 12 back to back dressage session on the first day, followed by 6 group sessions of either show jumping or cross country on second day and then 3 further group showjumping session on the third day.  I had a super time and ended the weekend with lots of super happy horses and rider; what a great way to start the season for he riders who attended.

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Team King - A staggered start!

I am tired of all this rain and mud.. come on summer, try a bit harder!
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Lucy Straker - A long winter

Finally the snow has gone and it’s warming up but what a long winter it has been, soaking wet fields and bored horses! Thank god for their Nedz bedding though keeping them so cosy though some rough weather! 
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Vittoria Panizzon - Preparing for 2018

It has been full steam ahead here at Hollins Court Farm as we are preparing for the 2018 season! Luckily the ''Beast from the East' did not ruin too many of our plans and we managed to get back to normal after a couple of snow days! Despite having very snowy fields and lanes, my arena stayed fairly clear from snow as it is pretty sheltered!

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Keeping Dry and Fresh with Nedz

With the last few weeks of terrible weather hitting the UK hard it can become frustrating for our equines to still be experiencing limited turnout and exercise. With increased stabling time can come rising costs in bedding, and the possibility of health conditions developing. By using Nedz horse owners can help to create a healthy environment for their animals and rest assured they are getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

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Victoria Bax - You can never learn enough

Lately it’s been a time of learning and training for me.  On two occasions in the last month I’ve taken the 200 mile round trip to Gloucestershire to attend some British Eventing Coaches Training Days.  Both were extremely long days with 4.30am alarms and not arriving home until nearly 9pm, however both were absolutely worth the effort.
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