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Mary King - Back in the saddle

Wahoo!!, I had my medical suspension lifted on Thursday, my collar bone has at last healed. 
It was great to ride Bobby at Dauntsey Horse Trials the following day, and he was a good boy doing a 28 0 0 in the OI.  I only went steadily as I had a dodgy neck, but hope to be completely back on track for Bicton HTs (the last event of the season) in a couple of weeks! 
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Victoria Bax - Back out with Pride

Well it was lovely to be back out on my youngest Alberta’s Pride a few weeks ago.  Back in June he threw a splint so he has had a quiet couple of months but he showed he was fit and well when we headed off to Wellington Horse Trials; one of my favourite events, hence why I was desperate to run there!

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Vittoria Panizzon - Coming to the end of the season

Gosh I can’t believe we are nearing the end of the event season already! We have mostly had a brilliant season with all of the horses improving, making progress and loving their work! 

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Victoria Bax - Trying something new

Something very different to our “norm” this month! Earlier this year whilst coaching at a Riding Club camp, I was persuaded, more so begged to join part of the “Quad Squad” as their 4th team member is currently on maternity leave!

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Mary King - Being on the sideline

With all the dreadfully hard ground which can do so much harm to the horses legs, being sidelined with a broken collar bone may be a blessing in disguise! I’m getting pretty good at strimming, gardening and painting one handed!
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Contrary to the recent spate of news pieces discussing the UK bedding industry and in particular citing unconfirmed problematic straw shortages, Nedz have released a short statement regarding these unproven issues.

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Victoria Bax - June is feeling good!

The month of June 2018 appears to have been rather a successful one for me;  long may it continue!

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